Established in 1916

Our history dates back to the ‘Day of Pentecost’. In Acts 2 verses 1-4 and 38-40, the scripture records the first heavenly outpouring. The Holy Ghost fire fell on the one hundred and twenty gathered in the Upper Room. It was a strange but remarkable occurrence in Jerusalem that day and so too was it in Jamaica when Madam Sappleton, along with her sister and brother-in-law brought the new birth message to this beautiful island in 1918.

But really it all started in 1916, when one little woman of the Methodist faith, “Mother Russell”, had a yearning to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. She was led to witness to persons of the love of God after World War I (1914-1918) which ravaged the world and left many hopeless, including those living in Jamaica. With no experience of the ‘new birth’ experience, she simply led persons to the Lord with the evidence of a changed lifestyle and total dependence on Him for daily sustenance. The response was overwhelming. People from all walks of life began responding to this abundant love that God had to offer.

This was not enough for Mother Russell. She recognized that there must be more to this, as people’s heart were being touched and her longing for more of whatever God had to offer increased. People gathered for meetings and prayed fervently, seeking God. God responded by pouring out his Spirit, filling many with the Holy Ghost. One could compare the happenings with that of Azusa Street, being reproduced in Jamaica, Brown’s Town, St. Ann.

Before long revival was upon them and Mother Russell recognized that, she needed much help to continue the work. She sought this from Elder Arthur Watson an English missionary to Canada, who had come to Jamaica to continue the work started by Madam Sappleton. He came along with Sister Eliza Harris, Elder Henry Lee and Mrs. Annie Scotlock, and preached the message of New Birth – baptism in Jesus’ Name. As a result eighty two persons were baptized in the sea at Dry Harbour (Discovery Bay) after walking eight miles to find water

The gospel message spread across the island into towns and villages, some of which were: Green Hill, Liberty Valley, Watt Town, Clover Hill, Friendship and Mile End (Ocho Rios). A few years later, the message reached Trelawny and also other parts of the Island.


To go into all regions of Jamaica converting souls and developing them into effective witnesses, for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A Transformed People Living Transformed Lives